GRANUMILL size reduction mills

GRANUMILL® Size-Reduction Mills

Impact and Screening Mills in a Single System

GRANUMILL size reduction systems meet FDA SUPAC (Scale-Up and Post-Approval Changes) guidelines for both impact and screening mills, allowing for low-RPM screening of agglomerates in addition to high-speed impact milling. The mill’s versatile design combined with the new, removable containment option provides users with the flexibility to run a variety of processes for a range of applications on a single, cost-effective system.

R&D Scale

R&D or laboratory-scale units provide effective size reduction or de-agglomeration for small batches.

Pilot Scale

Pilot systems offer a range of options for larger batches intended for clinical trial or small-scale production.

Production Scale GRANUMILL 014

Production scale systems for very large batches.


Unique Features

Rotor Design

The robust GRANUMILL rotor is available in three different shapes and designed to endure even the most challenging applications. The shape of the rotor, combined with the geometry of the system’s housing allow it to achieve better results at lower speeds, reducing fines, noise, heat and dust.


GRANUMILL systems are listed in FDA SUPAC (Scale-Up and Post Approval Changes) as both impact and screening mills. Basic operating principles allow for low-RPM screening of agglomerates and high-speed impact milling within a single system.

Quick-Release Housing

GRANUMILL systems are equipped with quick-release clamps that allow product contact parts to be completely broken down in a matter of minutes. The components can then be soaked in a tub with detergent and cleaned in significantly less time than is required to clean other mills.


Rotor blade types and tip speeds are maintained from R&D through production size units, making your process easier to validate and scale up.