Electrostatic Spray Dryers >

The patent-pending PolarDryTM Electrostatic Spray Dryer utilizes revolutionary electrostatic technology, which results in stunning encapsulation efficiency. Quick Links
Technologies > Electrostatic Spray Dry
Literature > FA 111 - PolarDry

Fluid Bed
Systems >

MAGNAFLO® & MAGNACOATER® fluid bed systems for drying, coating, and granulation. Quick Links
Technologies > Basic Fluid Bed Technology
Technologies > Advanced Fluid Bed Technology
Blog > "Five Tips for Finding the Right Fluid Bed"

High-Shear Granulators >

PHARMX® high-shear mixers for wet / dry granulation of pharmaceutical or fine chemical compounds. Quick Links
Technologies > High-Shear Granulation
Literature > FA 101A - PHARMX

Size Reduction Systems >

GRANUMILL® milling systems for deagglomeration/ screening and particle size reduction. Quick Links
Technologies > Particle Size Reduction
Literature > FA 102A - GRANUMILL
Blog > "Which Mill System Should I Buy?"

Bin & Bowl Elevators >

MAGNALIFT® Bin and Bowl Elevators are designed to improve and simplify your material handling process.

Tablet Coating Systems >

Designed to upgrade only the core components of your existing coater, the new TABCOATER® system is a flexible solution for improving the performance of aging coating equipment. Quick Links
Literature > FA 107 - TABCOATER
Blog > "Easily Eliminate 3 Common
Tablet Coating Problems"

Process Control Software >

BATCH ARCHITECTTM process control software provides users with automated and manual phase or recipe-based (BATCH ARCHITECT Pro) controls for batch applications. Quick Links
Literature > FA 103 - Retrofit Services
Blog > "Know Your Software - Reduce the Risk of an Unexpected Controls Malfunction"